ROTOTECH manufactures swivel joints for applications in chemical, petrochemical, paint, refining, etc. With the help of ROTOTECH swivel joints; for loading and unloading fluids and dry bulk, rigid piping can easily be used instead of expensive hoses.


ROTOTECH swivels are used in

  • hose reels
  • flexible piping systems
  • loading arms
  • wastewater treatment equipment
  • filling machines
  • fluid and dry-bulk transfer applications













A) Seals

  • Many alternative seal types for covering all kinds of applications
  • Seal grooves are manufactured in close tolerances for min. seal wear
  • Alternative seal materials for different applications

B) Ball Races

  • Housing and shaft are assembled together with single,double or triple row ball bearings
  • Ball races are manufactured with close tolerances
  • Double or triple raceways assure proper alignment
  • Hardened and precision finished ball races for longer life

C) Protected Bearing Chamber

  • Outer O-ring/or dust seal protects bearings from dust, rain or etc.
  • Inner O-ring/or seal protects bearings from inter passing fluid to enter the chamber
  • Both inner and outer seals hold lubrication in chamber

D) Long Life Bearings

  • Ball bearings are precision machined and hardened to optimum quality
  • Stainless models have stainless bearings
  • Ball bearing plugs do not need to be adjusted for bearing performance


  • All swivels are pre-lubricated before shipment
  • All swivels that have a grease ring have to be lubricated periodically
  • All swivels that do not have grease ring are lubricated before shipment and do not need lubrication
  • To prevent over-greasing, swivels can be manufactured with a relief fitting


F) Special features

  • Threaded, flanged or weld end connections
  • With jacketed designs
  • With the advantage of three or four pieces design, no need to remove ball bearings or disassemble from the system to change the seals
  • Special designs for submerged applications