After established in 2001, ROTOTECH MAKİNA SAN.VE DIŞ.TİC.LTD.ŞTİ.  became one of the world's leader companies for design and manufacture of rotating joints, swivel joints and siphon systems and their integration to the current systems.

Rototech products are now being used in many sectors; such as Textile, Paper, Food  and Beverage, Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Paint, Aluminum, Automotive, Cement, Construction Equipment, , Wall and Floor Tiles, Leather, Wood, Marine, Mining, Petroleum, Plastics, Rubber, Tire, Printing sectors.

Rototech adapted customer orientated service to all departments and representatives.  ROTOTECH offers fast and reliable solutions for standard and for special products, most of the standard products are shipped from stock, fast troubleshooting for all problems, product selection and application trainings in ROTOTECH facility or in the field by one of our sales representatives. 

By using CAD systems and CNC machining; products are manufactured in close tolerances.  Special rotating joints for special applications are manufactured in a short period.  As customers demand more reliable products for more extreme conditions, ROTOTECH pays attention to research & development of its rotating joints.

Quality is the priority principle of ROTOTECH. In order to secure such principle quality, control starts with the raw material entrance and continues through all production processes and ends up with the 100 % quality control of all the products one by one. Quality control continues by the information exchange with the clients and the data collected is widely used in products development and in new designs.